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How To Move Efficiently With A Cargo Van

When many people are faced with the daunting task of moving, they chose to rent a moving truck rather than use other modes of transportation. While a moving truck provides more space for an individual’s possessions, it also gets horrible gas mileage. If an individual is moving a short distance, or has relatively few possessions, the best way to move is to use a moving van. Moving vans get much better gas mileage than rental trucks and they provide the same benefit of a rental truck in that all the possessions are enclosed and not exposed to the weather. Additionally, driving a cargo van is much easier than attempting to drive a large truck.

If you decide to move using a cargo van rental, check the internet for the best available rates from local rental agencies. The easiest way to find cargo van rentals in your area is to do an online search for “cargo van rentals,“ or “moving vans for rent.” These two searches should reveal all of the local rental agencies in your area. If you cannot find a good deal online, check the newspaper and phone book; these are two other useful resources. Also, make sure to look for coupons before booking any moving van.

Once you have rented a cargo van, there is some special equipment that is recommended for your move. In most cargo vans, the front of the van is completely exposed to the rear of the van. When driving with a full load, it is quite possible that items may slide to the front of the van. For this reason, it is necessary to either obtain a hard surface that can protect the front portion of the van, or purchase a net that can block items from sliding to the front. Sliding items do not only slide along the floor, they can also slide at higher levels possibly causing injury to an individual’s head.

Once the front of the cargo van has been quarantined from the back of the van, the next step is to load the van with your possessions. When loading a cargo van, it is important to place heavier items closer to the front portion of the van, and lighter items towards the back of the van. Additionally, if you are moving with framed items, try to keep the framed pieces upright rather than laying them flat. Also, make sure to wrap the framed pieces in padded blankets. This practice will eliminate any chance of damage that may be experienced when driving your cargo van rental.

Once your cargo van is loaded and all items are safely secured, the only thing left to do is drive to your new residence. The move will be relatively easy if it is simply across town. However, if your move is all the way across the country, it is very important that all drivers take frequent breaks from driving in order to eliminate the onset of fatigue. Stopping every three or four hours for a quick walk and snack will go a long way towards keeping all drivers awake and attentive. All of these suggestions will lead to a smooth cargo van moving experience.