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What size does my house fit in? – A guide to choose the right moving van

When it comes to relocating to a different place in the same city or some other city, the obvious question that comes to one mind is that of the best option for a packer-mover service provider. However, if your goods are less or if you intend to pack everything by yourself, you might still want to look for the best available mover. The methodology that people follow in choosing their moving company is by talking to their friends, neighbors, relatives or other contacts and gets someone with a good reference. Alternatively, one goes to the internet and tries browsing for good options in the vicinity where we live.

However, here the main trap lies as we are not aware of what size of moving vans should we choose from the variety of options available with the moving company. Some of the options that we might come across are Cargo van, 10’ moving truck, 16’ moving truck, 24’ moving truck and other similar terms which at times might seem some ancient Greek and Latin language to us. That is when; we feel the importance of a proper moving guide or even a guide for determining the right kind of moving vehicle for our moving needs. It might sound funny, but during these times when we are stuck up in such a peculiar situation, if we have a really good guide then it can come handy in making the right choice that would perfectly suit our needs depending on the type and quantity of goods that we need to transfer from one place to another place.

Generally speaking, if you need to move just a condo then a cargo van might be the right choice. However, this entirely depends on the quantity of furniture that you have hoarded in your current abode. Otherwise, it makes sense to go for a 10’ moving truck because that will give you ample space to segregate the things the way you want, like separating the fragile items from the rest and keeping them towards the front were there are comparatively less chances of getting jumps, and hence being damaged by such jerks. If you have a 1 bedroom house then the safest bet is a 16’ moving truck as it is far bigger than a 10’ and the furniture that you would have in the bedroom as well as the kitchen would itself require a 10’ truck.

Anything bigger than a one bedroom house will call for a 24’ truck, and you will also realize by then, that the incremental increase in the price of the provider will reduce as you go higher the classification, for the simple reason that it is generally the bigger trucks that are booked owing to the average size of a typical American or European household. Companies do try helping customers for their choice of truck depending on the weight of the goods, but again, the trick here is you need to weigh each and every box to come to a definite choice. Instead, if we have a rough guideline based on the size of the household, it would suffice for the correct choice as long as you are not paying too much above the market rates. Happy Moving!!