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How To Have Safe Move Using A Van

Many people tend to move with either their personal vehicles, or a vehicle of a friend or family member. Additionally, some people tend to rent large industrial size trucks to assist in difficult moves. Renting large trucks can be both costly and extremely stressful; four percent of people who rent large trucks will have a minor accident involving something such as a curb, post, sign, or tree. One of the best options for moving that is often overlooked is the use of moving vans. Vans offer better gas mileage, better comfort, easier maneuverability, and a more consolidated space that lends itself towards keeping items from rattling during a move.

While vans may not seem intimidating because of their size and relative ease of maneuvering, vans are actually quite different from cars and trucks. One main difference between vans and cars or trucks is that loaded vans require a similar stopping distance as a large truck. However, because the van sits so low to the ground, a driver is unable to see distant traffic in the way that a large truck would be able to identify a potential traffic problem. For this reason, it is very important when using moving vans to relocate that the drive maintain a safe distance from other vehicles in traffic, and that the driver always be attentive to the flow of traffic.

In regards to stopping distance and speed, there are certain things that can be done to minimize any problems related to the above issues when moving. First, often times people will lay long flat items at the top of a pile of things in the back of the van. This practice works in terms of packing and fitting a lot of items into the van. However, if the driver brakes suddenly, all of the loose items on the top of other goods will forcefully slide forward towards the windshield. In order to avoid damage to the vehicle or personal injury, it is necessary to use either a net, cardboard, or a possibly a piece of furniture to block items from the rear of the van that may slide to the front.

Similarly, other items in the van may slide about the van depending on how the van has been packed. It is very important to pack the van tightly so that items do not slide on the floor as well. There is nothing worse than trying to accelerate or stop and finding a small object under the pedal. So, to test a packing job, it is recommended that you drive the van a couple of blocks before leaving to your destination. This practice will help to identify any problems before they become more costly on the highway and increase your overall moving safety.

Lastly, always remember to wear your seatbelt, and never allow anyone to sit in the back of the van where there are not any safety devices. People often think it would be fun to ride in the back of a moving van, but is actually quite dangerous. Additionally, not wearing a safety belt in the front of the van can result in serious injury and even a traffic ticket in some places.