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Moving? Why not rent a van one-way?

Moving from city to city can be a rough experience. There is so much to consider. Even if you have an apartment lined up in your new city, you must try to move all your furniture to your new home without having to make a second trip back. One method to make sure all your belongings are carried from point A to point B in one go is to rent a moving van.

It may be convenient to move everything piece-meal if you own a small vehicle, or if you have access to someone else’s vehicle. Unfortunately, not everyone has this option. There are moving companies as well that provide door-to-door services for packing and moving your belongings to your new location. However, the costs can be quite daunting and don't provide any guarantee that all your personal effects will remain in quality condition when they arrive at your new home. It's ideal to perform the move personally so you keep possession of all your personal effects without the possibility of them getting stolen or damaged.

When you read advertisements from moving van companies, the daily costs associated with the rental price require you to return the van to the point of origin (i.e. your home city). But what if you wanted to drop off the van at a station in the vicinity of your destined city? This method of van rental is becoming more and more common as moving van companies cater to a new set of clientele that demand more convenience. With one way moving vans, there is no need to feel pressured into rushing back to your city of origin, with the likely possibility of being charged for an additional day for being late by a few hours.

When you reserve a van rental one way, there is an added charge, as the company you are dealing with must either drive the vehicle back to where it was originally, or send it to a city with a low rental van count at that moment. However, the rental company has efficient methods to move the van, and therefore costs can be kept to a minimum. This in turn, can minimize the costs to the consumer. It's a win-win for both the company and the consumer.

Renting a van one way can save a whole day of driving and gas, trying to take the van back before the end of the rental agreement. Consider this when renting a van. Your time is a valuable asset and with the proliferation of van companies offering this convenient service, the competition becomes fierce, and this gives the consumer even better deals on van rentals. Things to look for when shopping around for a van rental one way include a company's hours of operation and whether you are allowed to drop off the van outside of company hours. As well, research on the internet for evaluations and comments of companies you are considering renting a van from. There is a wealth of information available on the internet and this can save you hundreds of dollars during your next move.