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It’s final, you’re moving. Did your palms get sweaty, throat get dry, head start to ache? Well don’t feel bad. It happens to a lot of us. The act of moving is a harrowing and stressful experience for a vast portion of the US population. The good news is there are ways to minimize your discomfort about the tasks. One of the best ways is to let somebody else move it. Hiring movers can save the day. However, movers can be expensive. Another alternative is to hire a moving van and move it yourself. This may sound time consuming but if organized well it can go as smoothly as hiring movers. Decide what has to be moved, do a little research, find out the type of moving vans available to rent.

Beginning the research should be no more complicated than entering “moving vans for rent” into your favorite search engine or grabbing the local telephone book. After you have a list of say 8-10 possible companies, start making some inquiries either via the internet or telephone. Ask about size, rates, mileage, gas usage, and additional equipment charges (i.e. dolly, portable closets, etc.) as well as moving van availability on your chosen date.

After your initial contact, narrow your list down to the 3 or 4 companies that you are most pleased with. Wait a day and call them back with all the additional questions that you forgot to ask during the first call. Arrange to go out and take a look at vans of the size you will require. If you have quite a few things to move, be prepared to make more than one trip. This of course will add to the cost of gas and mileage. While at the site, find out where the drop box is for keys of vehicles returned after hours (most moving van rental firms have one).

Here are a few moving tips:

a) exact pick-up and drop-off location of the moving van company, including major cross streets
b) have all items packed and ready to be loaded onto the moving van
c) transport fragile items and valuables in another vehicle for safety
d) find out the accrediting agency or association for moving van companies and check their website for     recommendations
e) take a honest inventory of what you will be moving (i.e. how much stuff you got) and purchase packing     supplies within this guideline
f) mark all boxes with the room they go to then load and unload accordingly (i.e. if the kitchen is at the back of    the new house, load kitchen items last from the old house)
g) always make certain that you purchase sufficient insurance in case of a loss

Some don’ts to consider:

a) don’t wait until the last minute, selection of company should be made 1-2 weeks prior to the move date
b) don’t let cost be the deciding factor (compare services and convenience in relation to cost)
c) don’t forget to inquire about insurance coverage and have a clear understanding
d) don’t take for granted that everyone who offered to assist with the move will remember, give a confirmation     call a day or two before the move